Finland reopens borders for trips to almost 20 European countries

Finland lifts on Monday restrictions on trips to almost 20 European countries imposed amid the coronavirus pandemic, the government reports.

According to the government, the countries where it will be possible to travel without restrictions are Austria, Andorra, Belgium, Greece, Italy, Cyprus, Slovakia, Switzerland and others. The current epidemiological situation in these countries is the criterion for lifting restrictions – up to eight new coronavirus cases per 100,000 population in the past two weeks. Every two weeks the situation will be reviewed.

Meanwhile, restrictions on travel to Finland will be extended for the UK, Spain, Poland, Portugal, France, the Czech Republic, Sweden and some other European nations. Besides, trips for business or due to exigent circumstances will be allowed between Finland and some other third countries, including Australia, Algeria, Georgia, Rwanda, Thailand, Uruguay and Japan. Overall, there are 11 countries on this list, but Russia is not on it as of now.

On Friday, the Finnish Cabinet of Ministers announced that it was extending certain border restrictions for a number of countries, with Russia among them, until August 11. Transit will be allowed at the airports for the nationals of the countries with which the borders remain closed. Besides, family members of Finnish nationals will be allowed into Finland. The Finnish Consulate General in St. Petersburg told TASS that this concerned only spouses or underage children, as well as the parents of underage children.

Meanwhile, the number of new coronavirus cases in Finland grew by only three on Sunday, increasing overall to 7,294. A total of 329 fatalities have been reported since the start of the pandemic. The epidemic continues to subside with less than ten cases a day reported in Finland in the past week.

The borders of Finland were closed between March 19 and May 13. On May 14, the borders inside the Schengen zone were opened for trips for work or exigent circumstances, schools and kindergartens reopened. On June 15, Finland opened its borders for trips to the Baltic States and countries of northern Europe with the exception of Sweden.

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